Saturday, October 10, 2015

An old home renovation in Petaluma. 

New kitchen, bathrooms, hardwood floors throughout, new plumbing, and electrical upgrades.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

51 Ord Street; completed

All finished and on the market for sale.

Here is what 51 Ord Street looked like in the middle of the project

We are in the middle of the project here.  500 cubic yards of dirt was removed.  Over 200 cubic yards of new concrete foundation added.  Now we are going up.  Later we will extend forward to the street.

Getting started at 51 Ord Street

We dug down.  Where the Bobcat is was floor number two.  There was another floor we added below that.  Then we added another story up on top.  Then we pushed the front of the house out towards the street.  We are on a steep hillside here with nice views of the bay.

Revmoving dirt from 51 Ord Street

We removed 50 truck loads of dirt from underneath the existing house.  That is 500 yards of dirt.

Upstairs sitting area off the master bedroom and looking out on roof deck