Thursday, January 27, 2011

Projects completed.

51 Ord Street was my most ambitious project to date.  Basically, I did everything that I could.  Believe it or not, this is a 4000 square foot house, four stories on a lot that is only 27 feet wide by 72 feet long.  It is blessed to be in a highly desireable neighborhood with dramatic views of the bay.

I represented myself in the purchase.  I designed the project.  I drew all the architectural plans and obtained the permits.  Was the lead carpenter.  Was the general contractor.  Did most of the interior design.  Put as many windows in as I could.  Removed 50 dump trucks of dirt from underneath the house; its on a steep hillside.  Brought in over 200 yards of new concrete.  It was a effort of strength, determination and endurance.

Probably 155 Clipper Street, below, was a little more artistic for me.  I took a bastardized, aluminum box and turned it into an 1880's victorian.  I copied a house, detail for detail, about 3 blocks away.  The funny thing is that about two years later, the owners of the house 3 blocks away copied my exterior paint job, color for color, exactly.

Jody picked the colors.  Lynn added insights and ideas along the way.  My in-laws provided much of the financing.

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